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The impeachment attempts really started before President Trump was even inaugurates.

Every month since the election, Democrats, through their propaganda arms – CNN, MSNBC. USA Today, NY Times, Washington Post, etc. -have been screaming for impeachment.

It started with the false claim that Trump “colluded” with Russia. That was investigated 4 times:

The FBI investigate and concluded there was “no there there”.

The House investigated and agreed with the FBI.

The Senate investigate and found no “collusion”

Robert Mueller ran lengthy and expensive investigation and concluded “no American “colluded” with Russia.

Then it was abuse of power because Comey was fired. The fact that the President of the United States could fire his subordinates for any reason or even no reason at all.

Next it was abuse of power because Trump wanted the Mueller investigation stopped. It would be impossible to conclude interference with the Mueller fiasco when it concluded its work unabated.

Then it became “Quid Pro Quo”! But that hit too close to home for Joe Biden who bragged about his “Quid Pro Quo”!

Next up-“Bribery”, he most ridiculous charge of all. President Trump withheld funds because of corruption concerns in Ukraine and to try to spur additional funds from Europe. Shortly he released the funds and received – NOTHING!

The real reason for impeachment is simple. Democrats cannot accept that Hillary Clinton lost!

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